RAF’s first underwater fighter jet lands at new base in Scotland


The first Poseidon jet landed at RAF Lossiemouth in

Moray eel


The plane – named the Town of Elgin – has parked outside a new £ 132million facility that houses the pilots, engineers and staff who will operate the high-powered submarine hunters technology.

Nine Poseidon MRA1 aircraft have been ordered, the first of which first landed on UK soil in February 2020.

Since then, the crews have been securing the seas during operational missions.

Group Captain Chris Layden, RAF Lossiemouth Station Commander, said: “Today is a proud moment for Team Lossie, ushering in a new era for the station providing combat air power and operations maritime patrol over and around the UK.

“Yesterday I had the privilege of landing the first Typhoon on our newly remodeled runways, and today I had the pleasure of welcoming the first Poseidon to his permanent home in Moray.

“This is just the start of our expansion and modernization as one of the most strategically important RAF stations in the UK.”

Poseidon is a submarine hunter who can locate, identify and track potentially hostile ships when operating near British waters.

Its radar is also capable of detecting and tracking ships above waves.

The jets have a communications suite that allows the information they collect to be passed on to commanders whether they are in the air, on a ship, on the ground, or back to RAF Lossiemouth.

54 Squadron has trained new pilots and weapons systems operators on the platform, as an additional 400 personnel will travel to Moray to fly and operate the aircraft.

All Typhoon and Poseidon operations are due to return to their permanent home in Lossiemouth on Friday.

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