SAMENA Board Hosts First Submarine Summit in Dubai


The SAMENA Telecommunications Council of the South Asia-Middle East-North Africa region recently held its first Underwater Summit in Dubai. Held at The Address Downtown Dubai, the summit brought together leading figures from the telecommunications industry, including members of the SAMENA Council’s Underwater Working Group, to discuss key issues facing the submarine cable industry. region and formulate strategies for the future.

The event was marked by a number of panel discussions and keynote presentations focusing on emerging trends in telecommunications and the challenges and constraints in developing a reliable and cost effective cable system.

“The Submarine Summit marks the culmination of the SAMENA Council’s sustained efforts to give the submarine cable industry the visibility it deserves,” said Bocar BA, CEO of the SAMENA Council. “Telecom operators today face a tsunami of data, given the explosive growth in the volume of content, which in turn emphasizes secure, fast and reliable connectivity. There are also critical policy and regulatory challenges that demand our urgent attention, including the need to achieve consensus on Net Neutrality. In such a challenging environment, the Submarine Summit can serve as an important and dynamic platform for industry stakeholders to share best practices and foster collaboration within a dedicated environment.

Emphasizing the need for greater collaboration among stakeholders, Ahmed Mekki, CEO of Gulf Bridge International (GBI) and Chairman of the SAMENA Council Underwater Working Group stressed that industry players can contribute to the ‘smart’ future of the submarine cable industry, even with the lack of absolute consensus on some issues.

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