Scenic offers its first scuba dive in southern Georgia waters

The Scenic Neptune submarine took passengers on an underwater exploration trip to Stromness, South Georgia on January 31 during Scenic Eclipse’s 21-day “Antarctica and South Georgia” itinerary, which left Ushuaia on January 17.

Baptism of scuba diving

“It was an amazing experience to be aboard Scenic Neptune’s first scuba dive in South Georgia…” said Jason Flesher, Expedition Operations Manager, Scenic Group, who led the first dive. “We witnessed a diversity of rich marine life like nowhere else in the world, including bioluminescent jellyfish, pelagic Antarctic krill and a vast array of marine benthic fauna.”

A two-year process

Scenic is the first operator to be granted permission to dive submersibles on the islands, a process that took two years due to the delicate ecosystem that exists there.

“We have been looking forward to this historic moment since the start of the bidding process more than two years ago,” explained the captain. James Griffiths, Director of Marine Operations, Scenic. “After working closely with the authorities to obtain permission, we would like to thank them for trusting us to operate these dives…only two years ago we took the title of being the first operator to fly helicopters and participate in commercial scuba diving in Antarctica.

The next scuba dive in South Georgia Island will take place during the 23-day Antarctica and South Georgia trip scheduled for March 9, the price of which starts at £18,875 per person. Two other departures will follow during the Antarctic season 2022/23: November 20, 2022 and February 15, 2023.

Scenic Eclipse is currently sailing her 2022 season in Antarctica and South America until March 28, before traveling from Rio de Janeiro to Lisbon to begin her inaugural Mediterranean season.

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